Boost 18 | Pushing You Beyond Blissful Beauty

The Gold-Award-Winning ‘The Pusher’ was our sole, clean booster for years. And guitarists everywhere praised it for its delicious and musical tone. If there was one thing that it needed – just a little – it was that extra notch of clean boost. Well, we listened – and now we’ve fixed it!

Our new Boost 18 that shares the same small footprint and flavorful tone will now step up and take The Pusher’s place. The Pusher offered 15 dB of clean boost, and as the name suggests Boost 18 adds another three clicks to the party with its 18 dB of clean boost. Quite simply, Boost 18 will deliver even more of all the good stuff that The Pusher did. It has the same sonic flavor, clarity and compression, but pushed slightly harder to get to 18dB.

Whether you want to push your tube amp into natural overdrive, or just need to lift your solos above the band, Boost 18 always deliver that truly sought-after clean goodness!