Guitarist Magazine Reviews TrueOverDrive 1 & 2

Guitarist’s Trevor Curwen puts TOD 1 & 2 to the test and finds that they give him naturally dynamic overdrive in a thoughtful, ergonomic design.

Both pedals have soft-touch switching, massive red LEDs that you can’t miss, and knobs thoughtfully placed in a diagonal configuration with the intention of making them easier to tweak with your foot if you need to do so on stage.


The company’s ‘True Overdrive’ sound is based around cascading gain stages rather than clipping diodes, with the intention of creating a sound and feel that’s close to that of a valve amp.


That is very apparent in the way each pedal responds dynamically to your playing and cleans up very naturally indeed with guitar volume.


– Trevor Curwen, Guitarist Magazine

Also, check out this video demo that was created to accompany the review.


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