Jan 22nd, 2019
Lunastone Launches Dynamic Delay at NAMM 2019

Jul 20th, 2018
Lunastone Launches Three Stage Rocket MIDI

Jun 1st, 2018

Lunastone Introduces Boost 18 – A Clean but Flavorful Booster

Mar 20th, 2018

Lunastone Pedals Opens New Distribution Channels in the US and Germany

Jan 22nd, 2018
Lunastone Pedals to Preview 4 New Pedals at NAMM 2018

Oct 2nd, 2017
Lunastone Scores a TC Hat Trick Joining Forces with Morten Lave

Jun 30th, 2017
Lunastone Debuts TrueOverDrive 2 in the US at Summer NAMM 2017

Apr 3rd, 2017

LunaStone Expands the Compact Pedal Series with TrueOverDrive 2

Mar 1st, 2017

Another TC Electronic Profile Joins and Invests in LunaStone Pedals

Jan 16th, 2017

TrueOverDrive for the Masses at NAMM 2017

Nov 10th, 2016
LunaStone Pedals Appoints Dedicated Musical Imports as Its US Distributor

Oct 11th, 2016

LunaStone Pushes the Envelope with New Boost Pedal

July 7th, 2016



LunaStone Logo (Black)

LunaStone Logo (White)



TrueOverDrive 2 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

TrueOverDrive 1 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

The Pusher Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Three Stage Rocket Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Big Fella Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Wise Guy Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Three Stage Rocket MIDI Hi-Res Image

Boost 18 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Smooth Drive 1 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Distortion 1 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Blue Drive 1 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Red Fuzz 1 Hi-Res Images (Zip)

Dynamic Delay Hi-Res Image