No doubt, the Three Stage Rocket MIDI version is the Lamborghini of overdrives!

Besides being a luxury version of the original Three Stage Rocket – with soft touch switches, direct access to OD1/OD2, and light indication of pre/post boost/drive – you can now store and control the settings of its four switches via MIDI.

In comprehensive setups that utilize everything from modeling amps or effects, loop controller systems, delays/reverbs with MIDI control, computer controlled backing tracks etc., the Three Stage Rocket MIDI will follow along in most of these setups.

Whereas many modeling amps and effects very often misses a real analog, great sounding overdrive, the Three Stage Rocket gives you exactly that! Because in terms of sound, the Three Stage Rocket MIDI is just like the original – and beloved – Three Stage Rocket, offering a three-in-one TrueOverDrive solution with two drive settings plus a 15dB boost, and the opportunity to flip the order of the drive and the booster.

In other words, Three Stage Rocket MIDI is  your perfect and programmable all-in-one drive for any guitar FX setup.


The Three Stage Rocket MIDI is so intuitive to program that you won’t even need a manual. You only have to remember three things:

1. Press and hold a foot switch down to send a MIDI program change This will store the settings of the switches at the incoming program change number.

2. Press and hold two foot switches simultaneously to send a MIDI program change. This will change the MIDI channel to the MIDI channel of the incoming message.

3. Press and hold three foot switches simultaneously for about 10 seconds (and ignore the clear visual warnings) to perform a factory reset.

That’s it!

The Three Stage Rocket is the result of a collaboration with the Danish guitarist and producer, Soren Andersen.

Soren wanted a pedal that delivered the tone he was hearing in his head, but had never truly found in a stompbox. Well, now he has that pedal, and it has his name on it!

The drive is based on our Big Fella overdrive, which gives you an extremely transparent and musical tone that, unlike most other boutique overdrives and distortions, never over-saturates your guitar signal – not even at high gain settings.

The wide TrueOverDrive™ gain range and flexibility makes it perfect for almost any guitar rig. And don’t worry – the characteristics of your beloved guitar and amp will shine through beautifully.