90 Minutes of Pure Rock and Great Tone

soren-andersen-lunastone-glenn-hughesYes, we have been posting a bit about the Glenn Hughes tour recently. Partly because we simply dig rock, and partly because we feel a bit like we follow along the tour…

Søren Andersen takes up one third of the stage when this classic rock trio formation – guitar, bass and drums – kicks off. And one thing is seeing photos of mouthwatering pedal boards, another is hearing what it actually sounds like. Just a few days ago, the trio performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Teatro Vorterix venue. They have a very good habit of capturing concerts on video and uploading them to their website afterwards.

So, follow the link and hear what a Three Stage Rocket plugged into the clean channels on two Marshall JCM800 with all knobs set right at 12 o’clock!

Watch the Video

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