Another 5-Star Review from Bonedo

We are proud that Bonedo in Germany loved our Big Fella so much they gave it a 5-star rating, as well as all ‘pros’ and no ‘cons’ in their conclusion.

As always, Bonedo is a German online mag, but we have translated the key takeaways for you right here. If you are fluent in German, or wnat to give Google Translate a go, please follow the link to the full, original review at the bottom of this page. And even if you aren’t Bonedo created a bunch of sound examples on the second page of the review that you can check out regardless of linguistic skills. Music and sound are universal languages!


The Big Fella from LunaStone is a high-quality high-gain overdrive, which shines the most in front of a clean amp. Its spectrum ranges from a subtle crunch to heavy-metal sounds. Here, the sound is always transparent and slush-free despite a tight bass foundation.


  • Flawless workmanship
  • Great versatility
  • Does not need a distorted amp
  • Transparent sound


  • None”


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