New LunaStone Artist | Kasper Falkenberg

We are very pleased to welcome another guitar great to the our family of TrueOverDrive tone and feel. Please meet Kasper Falkenberg – a rock-steady sideman for many of the biggest pop and rock acts in Denmark.


Kasper Falkenberg is deeply into music – not just guitar. Apart from being a great guitarist, he also writes and produces for a wealth of the Danish artists from the absolute top shelf. Rasmus Seebach, Joey Moe, Julie Maria, Medina, Jamilian, Page Four, NOAH, Julie Berthelsen, Ayoe Angelica, The Storm, Sys Bjerre, Freya, Blood Sweat Drum + Bass feat. Palle Mikkelborg, Arve Henriksen, Jørgen Munkeby m.fl., DJ Static, Clemens, Jokeren and Peter Sommer. Just to name a few!

Kasper has been using our Big Fella as his go-to overdrive pedal for about a year by now. The one thing that we took the most notice of when we talked with him was the fact that it also drives his creativity and affects the way he plays. That was exactly our goal. To create a pedal that would not be ‘in the way’, but naturally provide you with a musical tone that allows you to focus on the music and even inspire you to be a better player.

This is what Kasper says about his Big Fella based on a good period of real-world use in the studio as well as on the stage: “I have always used pedals for overdrive. It’s just a natural part of my work flow. My amp, the Mad Professor ATM, is set to a relatively clean sound.The Big Fella then helps me obtain the thick tube sound that you get when cranking an amp up all the way. It is basically what most people want from an overdrive pedal and this guy really does the job! It sounds and feels like a tube amp driven very hard, and it’s not killing the sound of my guitars, which are mainly a Stratocaster, a Jazzmaster and a Telecaster. It just makes them shine right through in the nicest way possible. I have had the big Fella on my board for close to a year now and it is still growing on me. It is very versatile. It reacts differently on different settings on the amp and that also drives my creativity – makes me play differently. The more you play it the more you like it – just like a good guitar!”


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