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We are extremely happy to announce that you can finally get TrueOverDrive pedals in the US. Pro Guitar Shop stocks all of our pedals: The Three Stage Rocket, Big Fella and Wise Guy are ready for order in the PGS online shop.

If you are looking for that sweet, dynamic overdrive response that your tube amp gives you, but in a pedal format, these pedals will do the trick. Whereas most drive pedals rely on clipping diode designs, there are completely diffent form the ground up. TrueOverDrive pedals create a much more musical-sounding drive tone that is based on cascading carefully selected gain stages.

It all started because our founder, Steen Grøntved, got frustrated that he could not reproduce the precious tone of his tube amp on smaller amps or combos that was necessary for bar and small venue gigs. To him, this was a problem that required a solution…

Read More About How TrueOverDrive Was Born…

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