Premier Guitar Checks Out TOD 1 @ NAMM


A premier pedal deserves premier coverage by a premier magazine, right!? That’s why Premier Guitar stopped by our NAMM booth to check out TOD 1.

Steen Grøntved gives PG editor, Shawn Hammond, the basics and then Anders Bo gives him a sound demo of the brand new TrueOverDrive 1 guitar pedal, using a variety of settings.

One of the interesting things that Steen points out towards the end of the session is that the Tone knob may appear to have a limited range at first. But in reality, this is no mistake or coincidence… Steen is a guitarist with strong personal opinions on guitar tone and as such he consciously and very deliberately takes some decisions in the design and development process.

To him, it is absolutely key that the knobs on his pedals are usable across the entire range. Sure, it would have been simple – and in theory super flexible and versatile –  to implement a full-fledged EQ control with +/- a gazillion dB of cut and boost spanning from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. But you would almost certainly also either get completely lost or find that the usable range of the Tone knob would be half a notch in either direction from the center position.

Therefore, Steen decided to set the range for the Tone knob to sound great no matter if you leave it at noon, dial it out completely, crank it up all the way – or set it anywhere in between. It will never make your tone dull and muddy – or shrill and thin.

Well, that’s just one of the little details about LunaStone pedals that supports that fact that they are created by a dedicated guitarist on a serious tone mission!



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