Premier Guitar Gold Award for The Pusher

“LunaStone’s the Pusher is a devastatingly beautiful clean boost.” That’s more or less it. Because the Pusher has but one job to do, and according to Premier Guitar, it simply nails it!

Reviewer, Jason Shadrick, did find one additional use for the Pusher: “It also found use as an “always-on” pedal at the front of my board. The increased signal breathed some tonal life into my Strymon Mobius.”

Yep! That was also one of things we had in mind when creating The Pusher, as it is indeed a colorful pedal that adds flavor to your tone rather than simply raising the level. In our view, sonic coloration is not by definition a bad thing, only the color has to be tasteful and musical!

Read the Premier Guitar Review and Listen to Their Demo

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