ProGuitarShop | Wise Guy TrueOverDrive

As most of you, we love the demos from ProGuitarShop, because we love Andy. Minimum of talk, maximum of tone as he runs through the most important settings for you…

The Wise Guy True Overdrive demo is no different. Andy deftly delves into the sound-shaping possibilities of the OD1 and OD2 modes of the pedal, churning out bread-and-butter effects like Smooth Sustain and Classic Mid Bump (gotta love the man’s penchant for old skool rock) before turning to more exploratory methods like stacking the clean boost with a low-gain overdrive to revoice the neck pickup.

Finally, Andy goes deep with the TrueOverdrive and what he calls “its dynamic nature”, pushing things over the edge with a bit of clean boost for that stellar lead tone. Heck, if crisp and crunchy were musical notes, Andy would be hitting all of them in this demo.

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