ProGuitarShop | Big Fella TrueOverDrive

Andy from ProGuitarShop is back with a no-nonsense musical rundown of the creative potential of our blue beast, the Big Fella…

Created with modern rock in mind, Andy lays into the two super fat OD modes with gusto, putting down massive riffs that amply show off the meaty punch and grit of the Drive and Boost channels. After this initial showdown, he shows how single-coil pickups benefit from the full-bodied overdrive of the Big Fella and further demonstrates how the TrueOverDrive technology gives you plenty of harmonic overtones and gain while allowing you to clean up your tone when needed – without sounding fizzy on the notes’ decay. To us that is the real beauty of Big Fella and we’re happy that Andy noticed it too!

Enough words. Just go watch Andy do his magic!

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