REVIEW | All ‘Pros’ No ‘Cons’

German online magazine Bonedo plugged into our Wise Guy TrueOverDrive pedal and more or less got blown away by its take on an analog tube-like drive tone.

The review is in German so unless you’re comfortable in that language, it may not give you the full Bonedo experience. However, you should still get their conclusion so we translated a tiny bit of it. And if we boil it down to the very essence this is the takeaway from the review:

“From Stevie Ray Vaughan to Gary Moore, you are right there, and the pedal doesn’t even need a tweaked amp to create an authentic and tube-like drive. Whether with subtle or extreme settings, the sound is very well balanced. This is the ideal all-round drive pedal for tone connoisseurs and sound fetishists.


– Balanced distortion structure
– Perfect processing
– Super versatile


– None!”


– Robby Mildenberger, Bonedo




Read the Full Review (in German) Here…

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