REVIEW | On the Road to Tone City

Mixdown Magazine goes all in on TrueOverDrive and tests Wise Guy, Big Fella and Three Stage Rocket in one fat and chunky triple review…

One of the first things they establish is that fact that there are so many choices for guitar players on the pedal market that you really need something special to cut through the noise (pun intended). Luckily, we have exactly that! Here are a few thoughts from Mixdown Magazine on each pedal, as well as the overall TrueOverDrive concept.






Wise Guy

“Dialed down you can really feel how touch sensitive the clip is as it just peppers each note with a touch of glass. With the Overdrive switch over to the left you heat up proceedings considerably and, as if that’s not enough, the Boost switch comes in after all that gain to shove just that little bit more into the face of your amp forcing it to pick up a bit of extra slack.”

Big Fella

“You have the option of two tone-stacks and the Boost switch, which really presents itself more like a compressor in this instance. It also brings a considerable amount of sustain and some darker harmonics to the party that I, for one, was inclined to leave on permanently.”

Three Stage Rocket

“Designed in conjunction with fellow Danish shred lord Soren Andersen, you almost get the feeling like the other two circuits were fact-finding missions on the road to this ultimate destination. (…) That little bit more fire in the front-end really amplified the artifacts of my actual playing in and around all that glorious mess. Actually hearing the pick hit the strings either deftly as I could or with all my might really made me want to play into the pedal rather than have it lead me up the garden path.”


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