REVIEW | Tone Report on the Wise Guy





Tone Report took a good hard look at the Wise Guy. After having decided it looks great, they plugged it in and dropped their jaw…

We were pleased to learn that Tone Report took their time to do a bit of research, so they knew up front that the basic design of our TrueOverDrive circuit is not based on your standard clipping-diode approach.

Instead, we use multiple cascaded gain stages, which is how you get that much more tube-like flavor and dynamic behavior that you know and love from you tube amp.

Here is a brief sum up of what reviewer, David A. Evans, concludes:

“Essentially, the Wise Guy’s circuitry more accurately mimics the circuitry of a real tube amp. The result: an extremely tube-like overdrive, complete with fantastic breakup, rich harmonics, and signature equalization. Most people will never know the difference between the tone of a Wise Guy and a tube amp.”


– David A. Evans, Tone Report


Read the Full Tone Report Review of the LunaStone Wise Guy…



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