Rocking Out the TrueOverDrive 1 & 2!

Hovak Alaverdyan is one rocking dude! And in this video he is rocking out our TOD 1 and TOD 2 pedals good!

After a short presentation, he kicks off his demo with a Gibson SG and TOD 1. More precisely the guitar setup, it’s a Gibson SG 2000 loaded with its original PAF humbucker pickups and Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt 9-46 strings all of which runs through TOD 1 and a Mesa Boogie Mark V on the clean channel. Everything is captured by a Shure SM57 microphone with a Mogami cable and through an Avedis Audio MD7 preamp and a Universal Audio Apollo audio interface to Pro Tools 10HD. Phew!

But that’s not all. Following this tour de force is another demo featuring TOD 2. Guitars are two Fender Stratocasters (a 60’s Reissue with FAT50 pickups and a Hendrix Strat with Vintage ’65 pickups – both with GHS David Gilmour 10-48 strings). As mentioned, they feed TOD 2 and then runs into an all original Fender Bassman 1959 amp an captured by a Sennheiser e825S dynamic microphone and then through the same chain as the first demo. Enjoy!


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