Sound Bites | Gibson Les Paul & Mesa Boogie MK II



Great sound is powerful. It may not take more than a short snippet of pure tone to give you an idea… We’re proud to introduce LunaStone Sound Bites.

Sure, we actually do think that our TrueOverDrive concept has something special to offer when it comes to transparent and amp-like overdrive tone. And we hope you will too once you hear the cool sound bites our founder and head engineer, Steen Grøntved, has created.


The Concept & Setup
The concept is really quite simple. Steen miked up the guitar cabinet, using two different microphones that serve individual purposes.

  1. An Aston Spirit is placed approximately 50cm away from the cabinet, which gives you an idea of how the pedal and amp sounds when you actually stand in front of it.
  2. At the same time, a Shure SM57 used for close-miking – a classic approach on the stage.

We rendered two individual sound files – one of each microphone – so you can hear both in great detail. The actual sound bites are less than a minute, but it absolutely gives you an impression of what the specific combination of guitar, pedal and amp sounds like.


LunaStone Sound Bites – Episode 1

  • LunaStone TrueOverDrive 1 pedal
  • Gibson Les Paul guitar (bridge pickup)
  • Mesa Boogie MK II combo



Learn More About TrueOverDrive 1


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