Sound On Sound Reviews TrueOverDrive 1

Sound On Sound’s very own Paul White tests TrueOverDrive 1 and being as much a studio geek as a passionate guitarist, he obviously tests it in several ways…

Here are a few highlights from the review: “In use, the pedal can run from almost clean up to classic rock levels of overdrive and, as intended, reacts well to controlling the amount of overdrive by adjusting the guitar’s output level. The sound retains the tonal integrity of the instrument and doesn’t get excessively messy when more drive is added — I’d describe the overall tonal character as ‘throaty’, leaning towards a Billy Gibbons-style grunt — and all this is achieved without adding excessive circuit noise.”

But as mentioned, having a studio environment at hand, Paul White also decided to find out how well TOD 1 performs directly to hard disk, using an amp-emulating plugin: “I also tried the True Overdrive 1 to feed a clean-ish amp model plug-in running in Logic Pro and achieved very natural-sounding results in this way.”

Oh, and check out Paul White’s first experience with TOD 1 at NAMM 2017. In fact, he requested a review unit immediately after he tried at our booth 🙂



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