Tone Masters | SRV Ridin’ the Volume Knob

Stevie Ray Vaughan is hard to match when it comes to killer tone on a Strat – and precise control of the guitar volume knob as a means to control the overdrive…

SRV was a blues legend – and he left us way too soon! He defined the modern blues guitar style, mixing traditional blues with heavy influence from Jimi Hendrix, which ultimately resulted in a groovy and hard-hitting band: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.

One of Stevie’s great, but rarely noticed by the audience, skills was to gently ride the volume knob of his beloved Fender Stratocaster to go between subtle crunch on his rhythm guitar parts and mellow solos to full-on drive. Notice how he pulls back the volume just a tiny bit at 3:36 when moving back to rhythm guitar, and he keeps it there for the second guitar solo. That is the tone you can get from a hard-driven tube amp – or one of our TrueOverDrive pedals that are designed specifically to be able to respond in the same über-musical way 🙂

Oh, and just one more thing. That opening lick at 2:00… SRV, we love and miss you!


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