Stratocaster, Telecaster or Les Paul?

Sure, we are all about pedals. Well, not entirely. In fact, we are all about music. And naturally, we think what is feeding our pedals is super important.

Apart from the fact that you are the prime source feeding our pedals, you perform your art on a guitar and that is what this post is all about. Yes, there are also strings, pickups, cables, amps, etc. And all of those things contribute to your overall tone. We might just take a look at those other items another day. Right now it’s about guitars.

If you want to pinpoint the three single most common guitar types in the world, it would probably be the Stratocaster, the Telecaster and the Les Paul. The first two are Fender designs and the last one is a classic Gibson design, and there are tons of copies or inspired-by instruments out there. But for this test, we’re talking about the real thing – two Fenders and a Gibson.

The test is conducted by Darrell Braun, and he does a stellar job at explaining a bit about each guitar, as well as demoing all of them.


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