The Pusher Jam | Mads Reinhold

Hot off the plate, The Pusher just launched yesterday. And on that same day, Danish guitar ace, Mads Reinhold, stopped by the lab for a closer look at our new booster.

Mads is a great player with an amazing touch and tone – what more could he possibly need? Well, he does sound great on his own, but you can always add a little ‘spice’.

And that is exactly one of the points about The Pusher. Yes, it’a a nice clean booster, but it’s not super transparent. It adds slight compression and a very nice and musical flavor if you, well, push it a bit. In this quick jam, The Pusher is set to 3 o’clock, adding a healthy boost, a touch of compression and sweet tonal goodness to that lovely Stratocaster!

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