The Pusher | Sound On Sound REVIEW


Sound on Sound’s Editor in Chief, Paul White, heads out to give his guitar a genuine push towards tone heaven with our clean booster driving his amp.

Paul is a seasoned reviewer and knows that behind every product there is a also a story to tell. Even for a product like The Pusher that may be ‘simple on paper’, so he takes time to tell that story about our founder and head engineer, Steen Grøntved, and how he methodically tested a wealth of components to create that special flavor that The Pusher adds to your guitar tone.

“Even with a non-valve amp, such as my Roland Blues Cube, the effect of pushing the front end sounds very ‘organic’, while in a recording situation the Pusher would make a perfect impedance matcher for feeding a guitar into a line input. This may only be a booster, but it’s a very elegant one!”

– Paul White, Sound on Sound


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