Andreas Schmid-Martelle | New Lunastone Artist

Andreas Schmid-Martelle is one of the best guitarist on the German blues scene. Based in Frankfurt and a proud user of Pusher Boost and Wise Guy.

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“I’ll tell you the truth. I’m a low overdrive, more boosting type of guy. When I stepped on The Pusher for the first time, I just left it on for good. What a great enhancement for my rig! Now, there are situations calling for something extra. And that’s when the Wise Guy comes into play. The overdrive is just right for my bluesy solos, and should it call for even more, I’ll just step on the Wise Guy’s boost switch, and that’s pretty much it. The pedals are super clean and great sounding. Who could ask for more? Great stuff!”

– Andreas Schmid-Martelle

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